Level: 5
Hero type: Fast Hero
C.V.: Soldier
Martial Path: Tiger Claw (Level 4)

STR: 18 (4)
DEX: 17 (
CON: 12 (1)
INT: 11 (
WIS: 15 (2)
CHA: 13 (


Cefer is perhaps the most secretive member of the Sixth Legion, and certainly the most uneven-tempered. He came out of the Sleepship trained to join the Warrior Caste, and itching for a fight. His bad temper made him socially isolated, but contributed greatly to his infamy as a soldier, ultimately earning him a promotion to Captain within the Fourth Legion. As a particularly bloodthirsty fighter, he became known as the Fourth’s “Berserk Captain”, and even became one of the guiding archetypes that defined the savage fighting style of the entire Legion.

Despite being generally respected by his peers within the Fourth (whom he disliked), feared by his subordinates (whom he disliked), and generally considered an animal by the other Legions (a situation which Cefer found ideal), he never managed to get over his intense hatred for his commanding officer. Colonel Terpin, soft and bureaucratic, was an endless source of insult to Cefer, who could not bear to answer to someone he believed weak.

While Cefer openly insulted Terpin to his subordinates and peers, Terpin did his best to make sure Cefer was ‘accidentally’ met his end in the field. Terpin denied reinforcements, subtly sabotaged logistics, and Cefer on missions that were all but suicide. Still, Cefer would emerge snarling, covered in blood, and often with a few less subordinates.

Having met and developed a mutual respect with Aithne during the campaign to pacify the Tremaine territory, when Cefer learned that she was becoming an independent contractor he tracked her down to join immediately. Cefer has been contemplating assassinating Terpin each day of the four years since.


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