“…and Our homeworld did recoil at what had become of Man, whose pride was broken as We came to rely on the cold hand of Our steel servants. The greatest leaders among Us fallen into sin and ignorance, and the very ground rejecting the seed of Our wheat, the god of Man saw fit to reap the wicked from the vastness of space.

From all among the empires, Our fathers, the faithful and the wise, broke from the declining legions of lesser Men, and made good Our exodus into the stars. Too far gone along the path to extinction, Our fathers sent forth machinations on their final task, as the fodder to beat back the wilderness of what was to become Our second Eden.

Sleeping and succored within our ark, We, the flickering candle-flame of Man, escaped the extinguishing of Our Origins.”

Excerpt from the Bible of Man, first Lunar edition.

The lore of the world begins with the old human race, referred to now as the ‘Origins’, are lost to some mysterious cataclysm. Before the unkown horror, they made plans to save a seedling of their species. They found the haven they sought- a small, fertile moon circling a translucent blue gas giant. They sent out ships across the stars, at first automated ships ready to mine, and produce the robots that would carve a home for the arriving refugees. These ‘Bookmark’ androids build cities, cleared land, and pushed back the wildlife, creating an empty utopia. Following behind their steel forerunners are the massive Sleepships, carrying the unconscious children of the Origins to their new home.

The Sleepship landed amid the untouched city, and the robotic architects and guardians awaited the commands of their newly awoken masters. Educated and socialized in their subconscious minds by the vast web of automation keeping them asleep, civilization fell into action without strife. The androids becoming colloquially known as ‘Marks’ catered to the needs of the fledgling world, while encouraging Man towards independence.

There was no real danger to their little utopia, beyond the occasional incursion of the local savage wildlife, and between the humans trained in the arts of battle during their cosmic transit, and the War-Mark model of android, protection was ensured. Society began to grow, and the city expanded as children were born.

In a day, the idyllic calm was shattered. The Marks were labeled as dangerous and uncontrollable when a structural defect caused a home to collapse on a young family. With nothing else to blame, the humans took out their rage on the Marks. Stories began to arise from nowhere, citing Mark involvement in death and misfortune across the city. Exiling them from their lands or destroying them outright, the civilization purged itself of robotic ‘control’.

After the exile of the Marks, the human empire expanded, passionately eager to prove themselves as a species. Exploring the contenient around them, a scouting team stumbled upon an old Markship, in an event that was to become known as the First Outbreak. The inactive Marks shook to life, possessed by a dark new force, when the humans stepped foot into their silent ship. The bedeviled machines slaughtered fifteen of the intruders, leaving only two to escape back to the City.

It became clear that a virus had begun to infect the Marks and Markships. They fell now on the City, the Warmarks wielding their wicked blades, while otherwise peaceful models had begun to make war of their gentle arts. The massive Builder Marks came to crush and demolish, while the insiduous Scout Marks ambushed and assassinated. The feeble hope that the infected Marks could be quelled or contained soon evaporated. Mankind was at war.

Our story begins with a band of Mercenaries. Led by a charismatic captain, they are the first responders of the battlefield, adept at not only dishing out damage to the Mark horde, but also at getting paid for it. Despite being the only thing keeping them from being mechanically diced, the Warrior caste generally looked down upon by the Engineers, Artists, Farmers and Clerics. Forgoing the meager paycheck of a Warrior enlisted in the Standing Army, at the small cost of personal honor, this band of mercenaries is looking to find their way in the world, often having simply to make their way. With a very sharp sword. If they’re sharp enough, they might even figure out what the hell is happening on Luna.


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