Parliament of Gears

The ruling body of governance in the Engineer Caste is the Parliament of Gears, formally organized in the third year after the Waking. In the years prior to the Parliament’s existence, the Council had a small committee of representatives from the Engineer Caste tasked with the allocation of the fixed income of material resources from the Mark-driven mines under the Tower. Still, the majority of the then-disorganized Engineer Caste felt unrepresented, and so the Parliament of Gears was formed to fulfill the needs of its constituents, and compete with the imposing Farmer’s Guild.

Districts, Houses, and Masters:
The Edge is divided into twelve districts, which can be roughly identified by the type of products they make. Each district has a number of Engineer Houses, which are small clans made up of Engineer Caste members which are brought together under similar technological ideology. The largest House within any district is represented by a delegate to the Parliament of Gears.

These Houses themselves are made up of Masters and their Apprentices. Masters are Engineer inventors who, by merit of creating an object of value to the Woken Society, have been recognized by the district’s ruling house, and submitted to the Parliament for approval. A vote is held in the Parliament, and with a majority of yeas, the inventor in question becomes a Master, and is said to have ‘earned their Gear’, symbolized by a small toothed-cog lapel pin.

The Eternal Haggling:
Those Masters who represent their Districts attend the sessions of Parliament mostly to argue their case for as large a share of the mine’s output as possible. The Council has first pick of the available resources, which it will allot a portion of which to the other castes before allowing the Parliament to bicker among themselves over the remainder.

It is worth noting that the Council does not actually have an immediate use for raw materials, and they are usually being allotted to a Caste in another form. For example, the Council can issue an edict that a certain amount of steel is portioned to the Warrior Caste for a shipment of new blades. As the only group with the ability to turn steel into swords, the various Engineer Houses bid on contracts to fashion the end product, and in turn are paid in Material and Food credits. In this way, some Engineering Houses are able to bypass the Parliamentary struggle for resources, in playing directly to the wishes of the Council.

Parliament of Gears

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