Aithne is a ranking official of the Warrior Caste, and the founder of the "Sixth Legion" mercenary band.


Level: 6
Hero type: Charismatic
C.V.: Sergeant
Martial Path: Diamond Mind (Level 3), White Raven (Level 2)

STR: 15 (2)
DEX: 17 (
CON: 12 (1)
INT: 11 (
WIS: 13 (1)
CHA: 15 (


Aithne was eighteen when she climbed out of the sleeping chamber on the Absolon and stepped out onto Lunar soil. Having shown a neural aptitude for battle and tactics, the Sleepship educated her in the martial path during her long years asleep. Upon waking, she quickly consolidated her position as a warrior of renown in the newly forming Woken Armies. Having met her on a few exploratory excursions, when the Council delineated the various Legions, Lord Carden made sure that she was given a position as a Captain in the First Legion.

After serving for sixteen years, Aithne was beginning to become concerned with the Legion’s leadership. She was one of the first to realize that after years of obediently accepting exile and extermination, the Marks were beginning lash back at the Woken, and life for a soldier on Luna would soon become exponentially more dangerous.

After yet another string of casualties caused by the poor strategizing of her inept commanding officer, Aithne decided to excuse herself from the chain of command. Calling in a favor, she convinced Lord Carden to back her request to the Council. With the caveat that Carden oversee her operations to keep her in line with Absolonian law, she was granted the right to form the first blades-for-hire company on Luna.


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