Level: 2
Hero type: Smart Hero
C.V.: Inventor
Martial Path: Thunder Bolt (Level 2)

STR: 12 (1)
DEX: 13 (
CON: 11 (0)
INT: 19 (
WIS: 15 (2)
CHA: 11 (


Belenos was born a year after the Waking, and is the only member of the Sixth Legion not born in a Sleepship tank. He was born to a pair of Engineer caste inventors, both of them specializing in building machines for war. He grew up in a home of inventors, their lives bustling with the work of the Engineer Caste: Applying for building materials from the Parliament, politicking among their Caste for materials credit, and the constant designing and building of myriad tools and contraptions. At four, Belenos registered with the Engineer Caste and began taking classes at the Library.

Belenos soaked in the creativity of his parents, and soon became an able crafter in his own right. Still, although Belenos was only fifteen, his father has always seemed disappointed that his son hadn’t yet surpassed his him in skill. Always demanding and expecting more from those around him, his father continued to push Belenos to study and build. Ultimately, his father concluded that the teachings of the Library were stale and “dead”, and with the help of a contact in the Warrior Caste, Belenos was part of the Sixth Legion almost immediately after its formation. Having grown up too fast, cynical and jaded from his father’s contant driving, Belenos’ dark attitude ensured he fit right in.

In addition to being a full-time chain smoker, Belenos acts as the mechanical assistant to the team, repairing broken weapons and tools, and making custom gadgetry to improve the Sixth’s equipment. He is often called upon by the Heinrich or Aerfen when they require assistance in the shop. With some tutelage from Aithne, Belenos even took to the battlefield, making himself useful with a powerful self-designed bolt-gun.


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