Level: 4
Hero type: Dedicated Hero
C.V.: Medic
Martial Path: Setting Sun (Level 2)

STR: 16 (3)
DEX: 14 (
CON: 12 (1)
INT: 16 (
WIS: 12 (1)
CHA: 11 (


Weylin disembarked the Sleepship when he was fifteen, with a quiet demeanor and a restless mind. With the medical training he had received in transit, he quickly joined the Cleric Caste’s medical branch. While his talents could have made him a successful surgeon or physician to the Farmers, he found that his tastes kept him signing up for emergency medic duties. He thrived on the action; the rush of the call, the thrill of urgency.

He secretly felt superior to all the contented doctors who let themselves decay as they studied books and discussed the diagnoses of the Farmer and Cleric elite. He was young, strong, and fast. He could triage and treat the wounds of his patients before the rest of his response team could even stagger and pant their way to the scene.

He found his true calling when, after a week without any medical emergencies, he signed up to be attached to a Legion platoon as they moved to disperse the local wolfdeer population for the founding of Tremaine village. Here, Weylin finally felt as though he had found his place in the world. As a battlefield medic, he found the peace of mind that only existed in the midst of chaos. In addition to finding his ideal occupation, however, he also found a leader. Attached to Aithne’s unit, when she ultimately decided to form her own force, Weylin loyally followed.


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